What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind where the conscious mind becomes less critical. This in turn allows the subconscious (or unconscious) mind to readily accept positive suggestions.

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You're the best! Thanks again for all your help with my continued weight loss-I'm still totally blown away that I've lost 10 lbs. painlessly in just a month!! You're obviously a magician as well as a Kick A**  hypnotist!

I have to remind you that I was a bit skeptical that hypnosis could turn me into a better golfer. As Director of Golf at Broken Sound Country Club, it’s quite important that I consistently be at the “top of my game.” The wonderful people who are members here look to me and my staff for guidance and inspiration. I have to deliver. I have always believed that practice along with talent would keep me playing at a consistently high level…and it has, however I thought I'd give hypnosis a shot to see what could happen.

After only one hypnosis session with you, my game’s improvement was mind-boggling.I’m playing better than I've ever thought. I’m more relaxed and confident not only with my game but with every other aspect of my life…my job, my personal life…it’s all gotten better. I have witnessed a marked improvement. From the feedback I've received from those members who’ve seen you, it’s been consistently positive. It appears that a combination of practice along with hypnosis is a great pairing of skills.

Scott Feller, Broken Sound Country Club
14 years ago I had a bad equestrian accident from which I remained in a 7 day coma with complete memory loss of a few months surrounding the event. It has taken a long time until I felt ready to try to learn what had happened in the accident.  I decided to go for hypnosis to see what was in my memory.  After doing some research I decided on seeing Glenn Miller to do so Glenn was great, he answered all of my questions, was incredibly respectful, learned as much as he could about my accident and he explained the process and made it very easy.  Since I have no experience with hypnosis, being hypnotized was a little scary at first, however as soon as I spoke with Glenn I grew very comforted and confident.  Most importantly Glenn was successful with the procedure and I was able to get everything out of the experience that I wanted to.  A few days after the hypnosis, I had a few more questions and Glenn was available and happily answered all of those for me.  I highly recommend Glenn; he truly understands what he is doing.

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