What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind where the conscious mind becomes less critical. This in turn allows the subconscious (or unconscious) mind to readily accept positive suggestions.

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You're the best!  Thanks again for all your help with my continued weight loss-I'm still totally blown away that I've lost 10 lbs. painlessly in just a month!! You're obviously a magician as well as a Kick A**  hypnotist!

I originally came to see Glenn so that I would finally quit my addiction to cigarettes.  Here I am more than three months later and happy to report I am smoke free.  Upon realization that he did hypnosis for weight loss as well I decided to give it try.  Well as it turns out he is a genius at that too as it is now 6 weeks later and I have lost 14 pounds.  Glenn has changed my life for the better and I am eternally gratefully.

Shari Kaplan

14 years ago I had a bad equestrian accident from which I remained in a 7 day coma with complete memory loss of a few months surrounding the event.

It has taken a long time until I felt ready to try to learn what had happened in the accident.  I decided to go for hypnosis to see what was in my memory.  After doing some research I decided on seeing Glenn Miller to do so.  Glenn was great, he answered all of my questions, was incredibly respectful, learned as much as he could about my accident and he explained the process and made it very easy.  Since I have no experience with hypnosis, being hypnotized was a little scary at first, however as soon as I spoke with Glenn I grew very comforted and confident.  Most importantly Glenn was successful with the procedure and I was able to get everything out of the experience that I wanted to.  A few days after the hypnosis, I had a few more questions and Glenn was available and happily answered all of those for me.  I highly recommend Glenn; he truly understands what he is doing.

I believe that the hypnosis CD you created “Stave The Crave” fixed me. I am eternally grateful.  I listen every few months for a booster.

The methamphetamine I was once addicted to will never ever ever enter my body again. I was challenged recently with an opportunity to do so.

When some was found recently I put on gloves, double bagged, held my breath during disposal.  2013. That made me laugh, there was a time I was powerless to not do that.

The warm thoughts, love, and desires for my skeleton in the closet, my life-long accomplice have turned to repulsion. That is what my mind and body tell me now.

I could not make that statement before I met you, similar situation in 2010 to 2011, I thought I should filter the meth through my body before
disposal. That was my best idea. THAT was a huge surprise, I thought I stopped meth in 1979. I was powerless to not do that.

Chapter 2

My daughter was on meth for past 8 years, now 5 months clean. In our conversations she realizes the devil awaits, and she admits desire.
I understand. I am trying to get her to listen to my copy of Stave The Crave. If it worked for me, it could work for her. But it is scary to turn over personal control to hypnosis by a stranger.

I have met you, we have talked - that helped build the trust for me. A moment of personal contact seemed to be the catalyst.

They let Pope Francis have a phone, and now he is calling people around the world to check on them.

That gave me the idea to ask you if you could call my daughter Nancy sometime, talk for a few minutes to make a personal trusted connection. Due to circumstances, TRUST is difficult here.
We have had some difficult years.

Nancy is working steps and meditating, but this TRUST is all new for her. She is doing a great job. I do not want her to travel through life with a hidden or suppressed desire. That is like walking along a cliff. I was unaware I was doing that for three to four decades.

I think Nancy needs that personal touch to accept the Stave The Crave. She is Honest, Open minded, and Willing now.

A secret phrase we have, is that 'Nancy is my favorite daughter'.

This is perfect, I have taught Nancy this is the trust phase, now there is an opportunity to use it. Nudges help.

I promised Nancy her own personal copy of STC if she borrowed my CD once.

I am finally done with meth,
Chuck H.

Thank you very much - That is HUGE.

Dear Mr Miller

Thank you for helping one of my patients lose over 50 pounds of weight. He is borderline hypertensive, at risk of stroke and diabetes. Now, thanks to your help, he is on a new path.

R M Ireland, MD, CCFP, FCFP

I think you've got an email from one of my patients, unbelievably successful with your hypnosis tapes. I'm one of very FEW remaining Ontario MDs that are doing hypnosis. I'm sort of the regional expert ( if a GP can be expert at anything) and mainly do tobacco abuse hypnosis. This is my 21st year... I've sort of found my own path. I've had private teaching, and a weekend course, and reading. That's what I am, deadly curious. I've done some hypnosis for obesity, but OHIP ( my provincial regulatory body) has just loosened up on it.

Over the years I've found images that really work for tobacco; I'm wondering if I can fast track by listening to your tape. How do you feel about this?
I promise I won't reproduce it.
You could really help a bunch of people who could never afford your tape!

Thanks for considering,
R Ireland

The first time I listened to a hypnosis on tape, "Relax, take a deep breath, don't worry .. and FIVE you are completely awake"

That's it?  That is the entire CD?

Second time, I started a stopwatch at beginning of CD: "Relax, take a deep breath, don't worry .. and FIVE you are completely 
awake." Yet again, that's all there was to it. Stopped the stopwatch to see that over thirty minutes had elapsed.

I was hypnotized.

I am impressed, that one can become hypnotized by listening to a CD.
Glenn Miller is an expert.

…So anyway here I am today and I am down 31 pounds from where I started to lose in July, most of which has been done this September. I'm not hungry, I never feel overly hungry. I feel better about myself, I feel more energy and happier…

You're the best! Thanks Glenn -
Thanks again for all your help with my continued weight loss-I'm still totally blown away that I've lost 10 lbs. painlessly in just a month!!
You're obviously a magician as well as a Kick A**  hypnotist!



I'm the chiropractor that met you on the Carnival cruise the week before Thanksgiving.  I purchased the "Dealing with Stress" CD and have listened to it at least twice daily since returning home with remarkable results.

My time on the boat was not restful as my boyfriend and I broke up the first day on the cruise, and I spent the next six days trying to avoid him.  I was indeed stressed by the time I returned home.  Also it's a little anxiety producing to leave the practice for a week because there is usually a decrease in patient flow which of course creates financial stress.  And most chiropractors will tell you that whatever is going on in their heads is reflected in the patient numbers, ie, if you're not focused you get low numbers, if you're on fire people are beating down your door.  When I returned to the office I took your CD with me and began listening daily.  That first week back I was right on track with patient numbers, and this week is even better!

Three days ago, first thing Monday morning I was in a low speed head-on collision with a motorist who pulled out in front of me and stopped.  As my truck was being towed away I asked the chief of police to give me a ride to my office because I had patients starting to show up in a few minutes.  The first opportunity to take care of myself came about two hours later.  I adjusted myself, listened to your CD, took a homeopath remedy and was good to finish the rest of my day.  Tuesday I was tired and had only a few patients on the book.  This gave me time to focus on myself, and I did more meditation with the CD as well as other self care.  Wednesday I was slamming busy and put in a wonderful 12 hour day!  As I drove home past the accident sight last night I didn't even think about the events of Monday.  I've no residual emotional trauma from the accident which is unusual for me.  I've no anger, no sadness, no negative emotion what so ever about the accident or the inconvenience it's caused.  It's just an unfortunate event, and I'm glad both the people involved are fine - really.  (WOW!)

I all of this I attribute this to the work I've been doing with your CD.  I've done guided meditations for many years, but I've gotten the best results with your hypnosis CD.

I've contacted an instructor in Manchester and will begin working on my own hypnotherapy education in January.

Thanks, Glenn.

One week after writing the above, I went in for a blood test and my Hemoglobin again miraculously went up again to 9.9. This is amazing as it is the first time in years that it has been so high. Last Friday, it was an incredible 10.1 I had a session with Glenn Sunday afternoon and went for my blood test on Monday morning. I told the lab that I would be thrilled with anything above 10.1 and I was completely blown away when they brought me the report. I could not believe what I saw! The results were 11.1 and all the other levels were much higher also. The normal level for a man is 13.0 to 17.0 so I am rapidly approaching the zone of normality. I look better, feel better and have more energy which I have lacked for years.

With this dramatic information documented, I discussed this with the Doctors Nurse Practioner who oversee's my treatment. I thought she would disregard the possibility of deep hypnosis being one of the elements causing the increase. Again, to my surprise, she was very receptive and interested. She agreed that the subconscious mind plays a major role in determining our actions, bad and good habits and our health. Deep hypnosis can quiet the conscious mind to the point that the subconscious can be explored and dealt with. All the unresolved childhood issues and fears slowly diminish. She is going to mention this to all the doctors in the Comprehensive Cancer Center where I am being treated.

One of the blood technicians heard our conversation and told me she had chronic headaches and would I please give her Glenn's information. It was a lucky day for me, when by chance, I met Glenn and that meeting drastically changed the course of my existence. As we all know, timing is everything and my timing was perfect and fateful.

Thank you Glenn for healing me and my subconscious which will never be the same again. That little voice has finally been quieted to the point that my conscious mind is becoming my spokesman and advocate.


Glenn, I give you permission to use this testimony verbally or in written form.  If someone is reading or listening to this, I also want them to know that your services also include the ‘INTERVIEW’ or time you spent just talking with me about my concerns and offering great feedback and tips that were so very helpful, PLUS the recording of the Hypnosis Session!  I was so impressed that your services go beyond just hypnotizing me for X number of minutes and sending me on my way with a CD!  You really took the time to get to know my situation and with caring and understanding helped me greatly reduce my fears.  You are extremely professional and I am thrilled to recommend you.

Thank you so much and I look forward to our next session,
Sherry Fox,
Nutritional Cleansing Coach

Hello Glenn,

I have had an inoperable brain angioma (tumor) for the past 3 years. I have  terrible head pain and as a result, I don't sleep well and I take Ambien or Lunesta or sometimes both every night just to be able to fall asleep. I  purchased your insomnia CD on the ship. I have not taken Ambien or Lunesta since that night. I have been truly amazed that I can fall asleep so quickly. Prior to your cd, I would often lay there for 2 or 3 hours or sometimes all night without being able to fall asleep. So, to be able to listen to your CD and be "out" in probably 5 minutes or less (literally) is beyond comprehension. I don't even believe it could really happen like this, but it does. When I have woken up during the night I just start listening to the cd again and each time I fall asleep quickly. AMAZING.

I am a Registered Nurse by trade and believe in the value and effect of medication. However, I have never understood anything about hypnotism prior to this experience. Now I can see both intertwined and both very powerful…

…I probably wouldn't have believed in hypnotism had I not came on stage on the ship. It was a very interesting experience --including thinking I was Michael Jackson. I am really very grateful for meeting you.

Dear Glenn,
I am sooo pleased with my results from our
single Hypnosis Session for Public Speaking!!!  I did also listen to the audio recording a couple of times the following week as well!  My presentation, that I had been dreading, was VERY well received!  In fact, I got compliments from several people, whom I feel have really smooth deliveries and that, really impressed me!  I know I still need to do some more work in this area to really feel comfortable, which is one of my goals.  I will continue to listen to the recorded CD you gave me of our 1st session and
I look forward to another session with you as soon as I get back in town.

I have to remind you that I was a bit skeptical that hypnosis could turn me into a better golfer. As Director of Golf at Broken Sound Country Club, it’s quite important that I consistently be at the “top of my game.” The wonderful people who are members here look to me and my staff for guidance and inspiration. I have to deliver.
I have always believed that practice along with talent would keep me playing at a consistently high level…and it has, however I thought I'd give hypnosis a shot to see what could happen. After only one hypnosis session with you, my game’s improvement was mind-boggling. I’m playing better than I've ever thought. I’m more relaxed and confident not only with my game but with every other aspect of my life…my job, my personal life…it’s all gotten better. I have witnessed a marked improvement. From the feedback I've received from those members who’ve seen you, it’s been consistently positive. It appears that a combination of practice along with hypnosis is a great pairing of skills.
Scott Feller - Director of Golf

I had the good fortune to meet Glenn several months ago. I suffer from a blood disorder called Myelodysplastic Syndrome and I am on Chemotherapy to correct this problem.

After being hypnotized by Glenn, I went to the hospital the next day for my  bi-weekly blood test and there was a significant increase in my Hemoglobin which fluctuates from 9.0 down to 7.5. At 7.5 I am given a blood transfusion. I have seen Glenn for 4 sessions and my counts have gone up steadily and miraculously to 9.5 which I have never seen in 9 years and has continued to rise weekly.

It’s been almost two months since I needed a transfusion which is very rare. No doubt after three months, the chemo is starting to work but I attribute the outstanding increase to my hypnosis sessions with Glenn. My doctor has told me that the increase would be very small and it would take at least 6 month for any dramatic increase. The results of my hypnosis sessions disproved his theory. He is very happy to be mistaken.

Thank you Glenn
Arthur Horowitz

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